Project Management

Our approach   facilitates an effective execution of the project plan; which in-turn helps guide the project team to successfully meet the project milestones and scheduled deadlines.

We offer a variety of professional project management solutions that tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each project. These tailored solutions enable our consultants to better represent the client and oversee all aspects of a project including estimating, scheduling, design, engineering, community relations, safety, environment, cost control, and project coordination.

Being a third-party manager, we can efficiently represent our client and oversee all aspects of the project lifecycle from conception and initiation, through planning, execution, and monitoring to close-out.  Our consultants are there to provide guidance, ensuring our clients are made aware of potential issues so they can make informed decisions. We are also there to help identify where disciplines need to be involved, and recommend ways in which these processes can be modified in-line with accepted institution policy. Additionally, we ensure regulatory compliance with federal, provincial, and local requirements. Finally, we provide guidance and reporting to our stakeholders regarding the expected format and content of all deliverables.

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