Customizing services ranging from feasibility studies and the conducting of geotechnical, geophysical, and
hydrotechnical investigations to the development of geotechnical and site investigation reports and preliminary and detailed design (IFC).

Our reputation for quality work ensures a practical approach is taken to address our clients’ needs. We apply technically sound, scientific principles to ourassessments to help clients close the gaps in their risk management and execution plans. Our technical analyses and cost comparisons ensure the most effective and economical solution are recommended to our clients.

Geotechnical services:

  • Foundation and site development investigations
  • Design, cost estimating, tendering, and project management
  • Foundation inspections and monitoring
  • Construction testing and monitoring
  • Geotechnical reports that include a site location plan, borehole location plan, copies of borehole records, and includes the following:
    • General site descriptions, Investigative procedures for drilling,
    • Summary and discussion of the soil, bedrock, and groundwater conditions encountered
    • Discussion of geotechnical concerns and potential hazards
    • Slope stability analysis (if applicable)
    • Geotechnical recommendations will include the following investigated area specifics:
      • Subsurface material design parameters; potential constraints and limitations, and Geotechnical seismic-site classification
      • Potential constraints and limitations of the installation
      • Geotechnical seismic-site classification

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