We have in-house construction management professionals and a full suite of competitively priced construction management and inspection services. Our teams have a thorough knowledge of industry codes, regulations, methodologies, and best practices for your construction project.

Paladin provides a full set of capabilities to our clients from pre-construction consultation through construction to project close-out. Our in-house construction oversight expertise helpsour clients meet their demands and provide a single point of responsibility and accountability.

We offer a variety of project delivery methods, including but to limited to Construction Management as agent (CMA), or Construction Manager as constructor (at risk) (CMAR).

While acting in a CMA role, we represent the client’s best interests advising the owner on pre-construction and construction-related aspects of the project, such as scouting and route selection, planning, permitting, design, procurement, project preparation, construction, and commissioning. We enable our clients to make informed decisions by providing the comprehensive information they require during each stage of the project, while also managing their day-to-day activities.

In a CMAR role, our approach to at-risk work provides clients with the benefits of our technical services, project management, and site supervision while acting as the general contractor. During the design phase, the Construction Manager acts in either an advisory role to the client engineering team, providing constructability reviews, value engineering suggestions, construction estimates, and other construction-related recommendations, or works directly with our in-house engineering team following the project and client specifications.

Construction Management Services:

  • Provide staff and subject matter experts on a full-time, part-time, temporary, or permanent contract basis dependent on the client’s project requirements
  • Provide a single point of responsibility to consolidate liability and avoid engineering/contractor conflicts
  • Route selection
  • Constructability reviews
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Value engineering
  • Cost estimating and scheduling
  • Bid preparation and evaluation
  • Procurement
  • Field supervision
  • Safety management and coordination
  • Quality control and Quality assurance
  • Lessons learned analysis
  • Commissioning, as built, and project closeout

Craft Inspection Services:

  • Construction Manager
  • Chief Inspector
  • API 1169 Certified Pipeline Inspectors
  • NACE Level 1 & 2 coating inspectors
  • CWB Level 1 & 2, AWS, welding inspectors
  • Trenchless Inspectors
  • Civil, Mechanical, and Structural
  • Utility and General
  • Materials Manager & Coordinator
  • Field office managers and administration
  • Environmental Inspection, Monitoring
  • HSE Monitors/Coordinators

Trenchless Construction

Paladin’s trenchless constructionoversite includes, but is not limited to,Horizontal Drilling (HDD), pipe ramming, auger boring, micro tunneling, and pipe jacking.

Trenchless Construction Services:

  • Implementation of Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Management of drilling fluids and solids disposal
  • We act as a technical advisor during construction activities
  • We optimize plans for various drilling activities, including tool selection, drilling fluid composition, and drill path adjustments
  • Reviewing of survey data to ensure compliance with design
  • Verification of as-built drawings upon completion of construction
  • Daily reporting of construction activities, including detailed a daily activities breakdown
  • We monitor compliance with engineering specifications, contractor execution plans, and contract documents
  • Procurement and management of third party equipment and vendors
  • We provide lessons learned analysis
  • Turbidity Monitoring and surface monitoring

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