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Gemini Engineered Solutions LP / Plains Midstream Canada NPS 20 Kerrobert Tank Farm to Rail Terminal

Paladin was retained under Gemini to provide construction management services for the construction of 5 km NPS 20 pipeline to the new rail terminal in Kerrobert Saskatchewan. Paladin provided a team of experts in the field while providing in-house technical support from home office. Paladin’s construction management team worked directly with Gemini's and  Plains Midstream's Construction Management teams  on the successful completion of the project while managing to save construction costs and schedule overruns due to maximizing efficiency in the field.

Paladin was retained under Ledcor to provide Consulting, Engineering, Construction Management, and Construction Services for the Major HDD Crossings on the project. Review of past attempts and detailed risk assessment was developed to determine the best crossing options for the limited construction window and available resources for the remote work location. Paladin developed and managed a geotechnical/geophysical study including hydro-technical studies at three of the major crossings. The findings helped the construction and engineering teams develop comprehensive designs and construction plans to successfully complete the crossings in the winter construction season. In addition, Paladin, developed the Environmental Protection Plan for the HDD crossings while managing drilling fluids field testing for disposal during construction. Paladin provided an experienced drilling crew to successfully complete the Tieda Crossing as a design/build while using Ledcor’s leased drilling equipment.